Our Open Photo Booths

There are basically two types of photo booths to choose from, the traditional booth, where you enter by curtain inside, or the open photo booth. Here there is no hiding away behind a curtain. They are perfect for branding events or for photos in front of a custom backdrop.
Some people choose an open photobooth because they can be more interactive during an event with extra people in photos or more random events possible to happen. You can also get some larger group style shots by using an open photo booth as there is not walls to limit the amount of people in a small area. They are also a great outdoor photobooth option if you have nice scenery to capture.
Open photo booths can be more entertaining as the extroverted people at your event play up on the catwalk. It is fun to watch people pose for photos, and everyone can get involved. It is also easier to drag shy people in front of the camera with this type of booth.
If you are organising an event, and want to hire the best open photo booths Melbourne has to offer, contact Pink Zebra Photo Booths today.